this is a story of


Our history

From generation to generation. The leitmotif is elegance, expressed in all its forms.

Tailoring Macciocu

It all began in 1932 in the artisan tailoring of Erminio Macciocu.

Family , commitment and the quality of the dress are the basis of the project that takes shape, develops and is handed down.

The years pass, and in the meantime Macciocu becomes synonymous with style, elegance and work ethic.

Macciocu Boutique

In 1990, in Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour 37, the Macciocu Boutique opened, a precious pearl of elegance set in the historic center of Sassari.

The early 20th century walls support the project and give strength to an idea born almost a century earlier: there are precious woods, a lush garden and an ancient well that frame the boutique. A story of family, style and work.

the other half of the sky

2003 is the year in which the Macciocu Boutique opens its doors to the other half of the sky: in the rooms adjacent to the shop in Via Cavour it creates a space designed and dedicated to the female universe, a necessary stage in a path of constant research and innovation.

To keep up with the times and respond to an increasingly diversified and branched proposal.


The future takes shape and is built on the experience of the past. Experience that pushes towards continuous improvement and renewal.

The mini-concept store is born in Via Brigata Sassari: the space speaks the language of young people and combines the vintage setting with the modernity of the proposals.

Fragrance lounge

A fragrant chapter, imbued with elegance and refinement: our Fragrance Lounge is born.

Our boutiques, which have always been a point of reference for those seeking taste in clothing, welcomed the universe of niche perfumery before it became a real trend.

Our constant commitment to the search for quality and luxury has pushed us to explore new sensorial horizons, bringing unique fragrances and very high quality cosmetics from all over the world into our boutiques.

Online boutique

Risvolto and the online boutique are born.

Customer care and the valorization of our products also arrives online in a project whose mission is to offer an online shopping experience with attention to every detail, like in a boutique.

Following an increasingly omnichannel approach, Risvolto is integrated into Macciocu, offering a seamless shopping experience, where the online and offline worlds merge into a single harmonious synergy.