Your wedding suit, for the most important day.

Trusted in the experience of our history, from grandfather Erminio's tailoring in 1932 until today, we take care of our spouses.

Choose the best.

Point of reference in Sardinia for the ceremony and the groom's suit, come and visit us in our boutique in the center of Sassari and treat yourself to the best for your most important day.

Why choose Macciocu

Sartorial tradition

We only offer the best brands and fabrics on the market, you can always find the best.


We take care of every single detail, from the sock to the fragrance to match, everything must be in harmony. It's the detail that makes the difference.

A new exclusive space

On the first floor of our boutique, we have opened a new exclusive space dedicated to the Ceremony.

Comfort for you and your loved ones.

Our spouses

Going to Macciocu means serenity. you no longer have to think about anything: they follow you from socks to embroidery on your shirt, from belt to deodorant, from shoes to perfume.
Their professionalism can be seen from the first appointment until the end when, returning home from your honeymoon, you find their handwritten greeting card in your letterbox.
— Sara Aime (matrimonio.com)
... it was enough to enter the shop and briefly describe the dress I wanted to wear... and voilà, I found exactly what I was looking for. Beyond the excellent quality of the dress and its accessories, I wanted to point out the great availability of the staff: I had very limited time to carry out the small necessary tailoring interventions and, once this need was communicated, they were very ready to meet me and deliver it to me. the dress even before the expected deadline. I can only highly recommend Macciocu to any prospective groom.
— Roberto Murgia (matrimonio.com)
I thought it would be more difficult and complicated.. instead it was a unique and fun journey..
— Massimo C. (matrimonio.com)
I chose this boutique for the most important day of my life..

Professionalism, courtesy and kindness!

Impeccable… The best you can find…
— Cosimo D. (matrimonio.com)

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